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Tom Wieschenberg

Support & FAQs
Find quick answers to your questions below...

Website Hosting & Branding
  What is the advantage of this solution versus those offered by a back-end system provider like DDMS or Britannia?
  Do I need StructuredWeb to host my website in order to utilize the online catalog?
  I don't have a website yet.  How much does it cost to get a Web Site through StructuredWeb?  
  What choices of design backgrounds exist for me to brand a website?
  What are the advantages of investing in my own company's website design?
  Does the Dealer pay for system upgrades?

Product Catalogs
  How long does it take to get the catalog up and running on my website?
  If I choose to link to the catalog from my existing website, what is the process?
  If I choose to embed the catalog within my existing website, what is the process?
  What are the advantages of embedding the catalog within my site versus linking to the catalog? 
  Can I modify the product mix within the catalog for display on my web site?
  Can the consumer print webpage of product content?

Consumer Pricing & Custom Price Lists
  How do I control the pricing I display on my web site?
  Can I create my own price lists and run promotions on web site?
  Does StructuredWeb allow me to create price lists for specific customers?
  How is the tax handled by the Dealer to consumer?

Shopping Cart Functionality
  What are the costs to equip the catalog with shopping cart functionality?
  Can I purchase an ecommerce shopping cart without the credit card functionality?
  What fees exist with the credit card gateway partners (Paypal or Authorize)?
  What payment options can I offer to customers on my web site?
  Can I offer a faster check-out process to customers that want to order specific SKUs?
  Can I customize the order form with questions I would like to ask customers before they submit an order?
  Can I customize the message my customers see after they place an order?
  Can my customers see their order history?

Order Fulfillment & Shipping
  Will I be notified when customers submit orders on my web site?
  How will orders from the shopping cart be made available to my company?
  Can the orders be imported directly into my billing system?
  Can orders be submitted to United Stationers electronically for fulfillment?
  How are shipping costs calculated and assigned to my online orders?
  How are installation costs presented to customers that purchase on my website?
  Do I need to charge taxes to purchases made on my website?

Dealer Implementation & United Terms
  Will USSCO have a dedicated 1-800 number to reach StructuredWeb?
  Can I see a LIVE site of an existing United Stationers Reseller?
  Can I cancel my website service?
  Does Ad Allowance apply toward E- Catalog fees?
  Should the USSCO Account Manager communicate Dealer order selections to StructuredWeb?
  Will I be assigned a contact number for StructuredWeb Implementation Managers?