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Tom Wieschenberg

Dealer Testimonials

Here are some quotes from Office Furniture dealers that utilize StructuredWeb's eBusiness platform to boost sales, power their marketing and build enduring customer relationships:

Warehouse Office Furniture
"When you factor in the increase in activity that I'm able to generate with StructuredWeb's email marketing tools, and the speed in which I'm able to close secondary sales, I predict I'll close 20% more deals this year than I had planned."

- Donna Campbell, Sales Representative

Rockford Business Interiors
"With new business as hard to come by as it is, Structured Web has given us a full solution to keep in front of our current clients and identify new business opportunities in our market. Our first campaign helped us lock in on $438,000 of business that would have been invisible-both in prospect and current client accounts."

- Andrew Leddick, Account Manager

Kentwood Office
"Structured Web is a great marketing tool. Efficient web updating keeps our information current and E-Marketing keeps us in front of customers. The customer service has been outstanding!"

- Paula McCarty, Marketing Associate

Mazany Office Interiors
"We are very excited to finally have a professional presence on the web. I think with the help Structured Web has given us we will have a successful year selling Teknion! Also, the customer service they have provided has been impressive."

- Ron Mazany, President

Roberts Office Interiors, Inc.
"During the first week we had our site up and running, we created a customer page for a potential client. We were able to showcase photos of our work, upload Teknion catalog pages with products we were quoting and create the unique image we wanted to leave with the customer. It was easy and we were able to do it ourselves in minutes. Additionally, we were able to track that our contact had visited the site, where they went and how long they stayed. We feel the database management and e-marketing tools will help us expand and improve our business."

- Robert Angelicola, President

"There's no way I could recreate the effect that my StructuredWeb newsletters have on my customers. Plain old email text simply doesn't rise above the noise and grab my customers' attention."

- Linda Rumbarger, Marketing Manager

Office Environments
"We started with our biggest national account, a leading pharmaceutical company with multiple offices in several states, and now we're introducing our local Clients to the service by sending them special invitations that allow them to access their own CustomerCenter and send us their feedback. So far, the response has been very positive. This way of communicating is to everyone's best advantage."

- Dan Woodworth, Sale Manager

Office Furniture Source
"Structured Web provides a user-friendly product that allows us to easily communicate with our clients. The e-marketing tool lets us economically keep in touch with clients while our website provides an opportunity to reach new markets."

- Elizabeth Landon, Designer

Interior Elements
"The difference in our website now that we are using StructuredWeb is light years from where we were with the one we were hosting and maintaining ourselves in-house. Now we are in a position where we can use our website as a sales tool, where as before it wouldn't even be mentioned. For us the change from hosting our own site in house, to utilizing StructuredWeb has been fantastic. We have been very pleased since we decided to go with StructuredWeb."

- Justin Carlson , IT Director

Core Office
"I've found them great to work with...If it's utilized to potential, I think it's a no-brainer."

- Doug Evans, Technical Support Manager

Creative Business Interiors
"We are very pleased with how StructuredWeb is working out for us. At first, we used the service to build a professional web site, but the CustomerCenters have really made a positive impact on our day-to-day business. Now, It's much easier for us to share CAD drawings and other files with Clients and they appreciate the convenience of having access to information 24/7. It's all about staying ahead of the curve."

- Dave Davis, President

Contract Interiors of Greenville
"I have been very pleased with our new website through Structured Web. Now I can drive our clients and prospects through our website for current Teknion products as well as links to many of our other manufacturers.

With the constant help and supervision of Structured Web we are just beginning to use all the service oriented features. I am extremely excited about how we can more proactively service our clients through the most current web based technology!"

- Tobin Wolverton, President

Ergobay LLC
"Best marketing money ever spent. If you are marketing oriented there is no better value for your money. StructuredWeb was directly responsible for salvaging a $750K project. In 3 months, we have 37 customer sites built, 327 qualified names in our newsletter database, and $2 million in business that we did not previously know existed."

- Theron Williams, President