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Tom Wieschenberg

Catalog Features
Ecommerce Capabilities

Product Category Page

Product categories are organized with easy-to-navigate sub-categories and search functionality to find items by product name or sku.   
  Product Details Page

Each product is professionally merchandised with beautiful product images and detailed descriptions including features, dimensions and shipping options. 
Product Ordering Page

Once the customer decides to add a product to their 
shopping cart, they can select from a list of available skus and enter the order quantity.
  Shopping Cart

Once a specified product is added to the shopping cart, the customer can choose to add more items, make updates, or proceed to the checkout process. 
New Customer Registration

At the start of the checkout process, new customers are prompted to register by entering their information. Existing customers simply login to their account.
  Order Confirmation

During checkout, the customer selects their payment option and shipping method, sees an order review
(not pictured) and receives an order confirmation.

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