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Tom Wieschenberg

Catalog Features
Catalog Management

ProductCenter Dashboard

You can easily manage your online catalog from the backend dashboard. Configure your ordering options, shipping methods, inventory levels and price lists.
Catalog Page Manager

The catalog is organized by pages. From an easy menu, you can choose which products to make visibile on your website or in customercenter portals.
Shopping Cart Set-Up 

Choose options on how your customers will order products from you and set up a registration page with required and optional fields for first time customers.
Inventory Manager

Create and manage inventory of all your products. You can also set order limits or add used product information like the condition of the product.
Price List Manager

You can create calculated price lists based on United's master price list to discount or mark up your products.  
Effective dates allow you to set time sensitive pricing. 
Shipping Options

Setup how your products will ship and specify which shipper you want to use. Select from managed shipping or create your own custom shipping rules

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