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Tom Wieschenberg

Catalog Features
Here is a complete list of standard features included in the online catalogs and optional ecommerce shopping cart technology and how they benefit United Stationers' resellers:

Online Product Catalogs  (Product Showcase version)

Product Feature Benefit
Search Functionality Allows your website visitors to easily find the products they're seeking by searching on product name, product category, vendor, or SKU.
Product Images Provides your website visitors with a visually appealing presentation including thumbnail images and high-quality photos of each product.
Detailed Descriptions Provides your customers with in-depth information on the products you offer including product features, specifications and shipping options.
Automatic Updates Keeps your catalog up-to-date with content updates direct from United Stationers to ensure your visitors always see the latest information.
Request A Quote Enables you to capture requests from prospects that have researched specific products on your website and are seeking pricing information.
Easy Registration Your visitors enter their information once and StructuredWeb maintains their information. They never have to register again regardless of how many orders they make.
Customizable Category Display Allows you to specify how many products you wish to display on each category level page before visitors drill-down to specific items.
Customizable Product Menu Allows you to control which products are displayed on your website for viewing.  You can activate or de-activate products any time you wish.
Customizable Categories Allows you to create new categories such as "best sellers" or "healthcare furniture" and populate these categories with products from the catalog that appeal to targeted customer segments.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart  (Product Showcase plus ecommerce shopping cart)

Product Feature Benefit
Persistent Shopping Cart The shopping cart maintains your customers choices. They can keep browsing your website and their shopping cart will still be intact.
Easy Registration Your visitors enter their information once and StructuredWeb maintains their information. They never have to register again regardless of how many orders they make.
Quick Order Allows you to offer fast, convenient check-out process to your customers that want to order specific SKU's. 
Payment Methods Allows you to offer multiple payment methods to your customers including credit card, invoice, COD, and leasing.
OrderCenter Provides your order processing staff with an administrative area to access your orders, check order status, and update order status.
Managed Price Lists Provides you with automatic pricing updates from United so you don't have to worry if the prices on your site reflect the latest price schedule.
Managed Cost Lists Provides you with the cost that you pay United for each product so that you can calculate prices based on the margins you wish to achieve.
Customizable Pricing Allows you to create your own price lists, based on your cost list or United Stationer's list price, and easily run online promotions.
Effective Date Pricing Allows you to apply time sensitive price calculations, with beginning and dates, to specific items or an entire category of products.
Customer Alerts Provides your customers with automatic alerts to notify them of any change in order status.
Order File Export Allows you to export your orders in a text file format for importing into your business system.
Electronic Fulfillment Allow you to automatically submit your orders to United for fulfillment through United's eLink online fulfillment service.
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